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Site last updated 16th January 2002

Welcome to road protestor's site

You will find facts about the road within
this site, which are being updated
throught the week.
Read on to find
out why the road may not
be such a good idea.

visit the road protest site for more info.

If you have been attending the local
meetings you will no doubt be aware
of the new tactics which part of the
group are forming. Therefore we now
have two alternatives availble for
discussion, this does not include
the save Elvaston castle protest as yet!

Latest Information
Please feel free to visit the site and view for yourself the destruction this less than 2 mile road will cause

Help protect the Great Crested Newts
(Triturus cristatus), which are a protected species.

Find out about the Protected Great Crested Newts

Queens Coronation
This is a recent picture of what was the Coronation plantation - planted for Victoria's coronation - She actually planted one of the trees. What you can see above is the complete destruction of this site, ready for the tarmac!

Why are we doing this?
This site will be used to inform ALL of the implications such a road will have.

Such as:
1.Regional air pollution will be increased
2.People using the bypass footways, cycle paths and bridle paths will be subjected to more air pollution, and it will take longer, and be less attractive
3.A school next to the bypass will suffer more noise and air pollution
4.Green belt and the city's green wedge will be affected
5.A large chunk of Alvaston will have its links to the nearby Elvaston Park & castle (where DH Lawrence's Women in Love was filmed) cut off by the bypass
6.Elvaston park itself will be noisier & more polluted
7.Air pollution & traffic congestion into Derby will increase, as the route will become more "attractive" to commuters
8. where the bypass is to link into Raynesway, traffic congestion will increase (moving the problem?)
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Cooking Quarters
This picture shows the kitchen and the tree house.

Help Stop the Road